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        Powered Air Purifying Respirator

        Type: PRF-102RM3

        Product Name: Powered air purifying respirator

        PRF-102RM3 is a dust and gas proof powered air purifying respirator integrating breath, face and eye protection is light in weight, comfortable in wearing, airtight, high filtrating efficiency, huge air flow, 0.3μm filtrating precision and 99.97% filtrating efficiency, air flow 170-300L/Min, adjustable air flow (clockwise regulate big flow and anti-clockwise  regulate  small flow. Battery can supply power 6 to 20 hours consecutive operation, if air flow regulate maximum, the lithium battery can work for 6 hours continuously, while air flow regulate minimum, 20 hours. If work over 6-20 hours consecutively, a backup battery is needed. It will buzz automatically when power is low. There is a breathing tube, which supplies air flow from up and down, anti-fog. The respirator allows people to work easily and pleasantly in conditions with exceed concentrations and/or hazard compound. It is the best choice to provide protection from pneumoconiosis and occupation diseases.

        Four choices of filters, they are 102WD and 102HD, 102G and 102W for PRF-102RM3.

        This product PRF-102RM3  is used in many kinds of condition  that head  will not be  accidentally hurt and various particles (dust, fog, smoke and the like)  and many kinds  of poisonous and harmful ill odors( acidic gas, alkaline gas, neutral gas,  organic gas coexist). But not unsuitable to anoxic (i.e. oxygen content less than 18%) or explosive operating conditions, or IDLH concentration (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) or explosive conditions.

        Weight of PRF-102R respirator: 1500g.

        Weight of M3 air supply hood: 300g.


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