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        Product Name: Long Tube Powered Air Purifying Respirator

        Type: PRF-102HM4


        The long hose powered air purifying respirator is combined with the main body, long hose, and mask. There are many kinds of Open air supply hoods and masks for customer’s choices according to working conditions.

        Main body: space fan DC brushless,Voltage 12V DC, Life >50000hrs,revolutions: 3500circles/min. The power supply methods for long hose powered air purifying respirator can be DC or AC. And a lithium battery can be used as the power supply for the main body. It can guarantee 6 hours consecutive operation following fully charged. An adaptor can be used to change the AC 100-240V into DC12V without limited working hours. The filtrating precision is 0.3μm,filtrating efficiency 99.97%. Main body weight: 1.5kg.

        Breathing long hose is made of PU with corrugation on it, environmental friendly without poison, smell, and low wind resistance. Air flow at the end of 10m long hose after filter >200L/Min; Air flow at the end of 20m long hose after filter >160L/Min; Air flow at the end of30m long hose after filter >130L/Min; Air flow at the end of 40m long hose after filter >120L/Min.

        Airtight full mask M4 is made of rubber, weight 500g with wide scope.

        If an open air supply hood is used, 10m, 15 m, and 20m long hose are applicable. If the environment is anoxic (i.e. oxygen content less than 18%) and or IDLH concentration (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health), it is inapplicable, and an airtight full mask should be used. The length of the long hose can be 40m.

        This product should be used together with airtight full mask M4, made of rubber, sealed with faces in 6 points. The long hose should be no longer than 40 meters.