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        About us

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        Shenyang Baoerfu Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the research and development of the positive-pressure respiratory protection systems. As a result of unremitting efforts for many years, a series of portable powered air purifying respirators have been manufactured, which have filled the domestic vacancy, and many of them have been patented nationally. Our products has passed test accord with EN12941 and EN12942 and gained CE certificate.
        Tested by National Labor Protection Appliance Quality Supervision & Test Center, the protective effect of Baoerfu respirators has come up to the first level of national trade standard, so they have become the substitutes of the traditional ones. Baoerfu respirators are compact in structure, convenient to use, of which the costs are low, the prices are lower more than those of the like abroad, this has given a strong impact on the markets monopolized by the developed countries and has benefited the workers in the dusty and poisonous conditions.
        Baoerfu has a group of specialists engaged in the safety sciences for many years, who have developed various filtering materials especially for Baoerfu respirators which are suitable for various dusty and poisonous conditions.
        Away from dust and poison, love and care for life. Baoerfu, aggressive and challenging, is willing to develop more and better products to contribute to the occupational health and safety for both China and the world.